class Subnet::IPv6::Unspecified


The address with all zero bits is called the unspecified address (corresponding to in IPv4). It should be something like this:

but, with the use of compression, it is usually written as just two colons:


or, specifying the netmask:


With Subnet, create a new unspecified IPv6 address using its own subclass:

ip =

# => => "::/128"

You can easily check if an IPv6 object is an unspecified address by using the IPv6#unspecified? method

# => true

An unspecified IPv6 address can also be created with the wrapper method, like we've seen before

ip = Subnet.parse "::"

# => true

This address must never be assigned to an interface and is to be used only in software before the application has learned its host's source address appropriate for a pending connection. Routers must not forward packets with the unspecified address.

Defined in:



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<=>(oth) <=>, [](index) [], []=(index, value) []=, address : String address, allocate(skip = 0) allocate, arpa arpa, bits bits, broadcast_u128 broadcast_u128, compressed : String compressed, data data, each(&block) each, group(index) group, groups : Array(Int32) groups, hex_groups hex_groups, hexstring hexstring, includes?(oth) includes?, link_local? link_local?, literal literal, loopback? loopback?, mapped? mapped?, network network, network? network?, network_u128 network_u128, next next, pred pred, prefix : Prefix128 prefix, prefix=(num) prefix=, reverse reverse, size size, succ succ, to_big_i to_big_i, to_i to_i, to_json(json : JSON::Builder) to_json, to_s : String to_s, to_string to_string, to_string_uncompressed to_string_uncompressed, to_u128 to_u128, unique_local? unique_local?, unspecified? unspecified?

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new(str : String)
new(value : JSON::PullParser) : Subnet::IPv6

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compress(str) compress, expand(str) expand, groups(str) groups, parse_data(data) parse_data, parse_hex(hexstring, prefix = 128) parse_hex, parse_u128(u128, prefix = 128) parse_u128

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ipv4? ipv4?, ipv6? ipv6?, to_json(json : JSON::Builder) to_json

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new(value : JSON::PullParser) : Subnet new, parse(str) : Subnet parse

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deprecate(message = nil) deprecate, ntoa(uint) ntoa, valid?(addr) valid?, valid_ip?(addr) valid_ip?, valid_ipv4?(addr) valid_ipv4?, valid_ipv4_netmask?(addr) valid_ipv4_netmask?, valid_ipv4_subnet?(addr) valid_ipv4_subnet?, valid_ipv6?(addr) valid_ipv6?, valid_ipv6_subnet?(addr) valid_ipv6_subnet?

Constructor Detail

def = nil) #

Creates a new IPv6 unspecified address

ip =

# => "::1/128"

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